Rupture disc KUB® - The world´s first reusable rupture disc

KUB® is the most rugged rupture disc currently available!

KUB® is not only extremely easy to install – it is also simple to remove and reinstall. In addition to a standard operating pressure ratio of up to 98%*, the design is robust enough to cope with incorrect handling before and during installation. The IG holder also helps in this regard. The rupture disc and holder are designed to ensure that it is impossible to insert the rupture disc incorrectly. KUB® does not use bite-type seals. Instead it uses a leak-tight, metal-on-metal seal, which  allows the rupture disc to be reinstalled after inspection.

*Depending on the specific application

Rupture disc / bursting disc KUB
REMBE® reverse acting rupture disc KUB®

For operators this means:

  • Simple, quick and torque-independent installation of the rupture disc with no special tools required
  • No risk of premature opening or damage to the rupture disc
  • Longer service life of the rupture disc reduces the costs associated with production downtime, maintenence and replacement discs.

Using Leonard Euler’s formula, we developed a unique cut profile – known as buckling pins – for the KUB®’s rupture element. Careful selection of the buckling pin geometry and arrangement  in combination with the material of the rupture disc offer accurate control of the response pressure of KUB®. Moreover,  the rupture disc is so rugged that even touching the dome of the membrane or dropping it accidentally from waist height will not affect its performance.

KUB® is the ideal solution for a wide range of challenging  industrial processes with low to high operating pressures or vacuum, e.g. in liquid, gas or vapour applications as well as
in two-phase flow applications. Its broad pressure spectrum allows you to equip many different processes seamlessly with just this one type of rupture disc – a major advantage: only one disc holder system is required. If the process conditions change (e.g. a different operating pressure), you can simply replace the rupture disc and continue to use the same holder. That saves money!


KUB® has a two layer design: The smooth, unblemished surface of the sealing membrane faces the process. The buckling pin element, which defines the burst pressure, faces away from the process so it does not come into contact with the medium. This is particularly useful with corrosive media. It guarantees that the rupture disc functions perfectly, prevents premature response and increases the service life of KUB®.

The sealing membrane ensures a leak-tight seal and prevents losses of the medium and contamination.

REMBE® innovation – unique in the market:
The KUB® rupture disc has a robust design and can be removed, inspected, cleaned and reinstalled. Any damage is easy to detect with the naked eye.

Your advantages

  • Extremely robust design ensures a very long service life – for fewer production standstills.
  • No rupture disc fatigue, even at high operating ratios.
  • Broad range of pressures and nominal sizes possible, also ideal for pure liquid applications.
  • Reliable disc holder system makes it impossible to install the REMBE® rupture disc incorrectly. No special tools required.
  • Metal-on-metal seal prevents gases escaping, reduces emissions and thus protects the environment.
  • Simple to install without damage: The torque required for the flange connection is independent of the type of rupture disc used.

We use state-of-the-art laser machines to cut the buckling pins on the KUB®®. This is followed by tests on the rupture discs. The KUB®® is an absolute must for anyone wanting a good high-quality rupture disc – one that lasts and a disc which is robust, in particular.


Tobias Frigger and Winfried Göddecke, laser and KUB® specialists

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